IMPORTANT: A number of very important items that are essential for the safe use of your pool may not be visible in many of the photographs, either because of perspective or camera angle, or because they were removed for photographic purposes. These items include; but are not limited to:

  1. Safety ropes, which should remain in place at all times;
  2. “No Diving” signs, which are provided and should be installed in accordance with instructions included on the coping, where they are clearly visible;
  3. An area sign is provided and must be permanently and conspicuously affixed in the pool area where all users can see it;
  4. Necessary means of exit and entry into the pool;
  5. Fencing with a self-latching gate and/or an automatic cover, and other barriers that can assist in preventing unsupervised access to the pool by children;
  6. Approved drain covers and other devices to protect against suction entrapment;
  7. Minimum required inlets and returns to ensure proper water circulation;
  8. Appropriate inpool lighting if the pool will be used after dark.

All of these devices should be installed in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions, ANSI/NSPI or ANSI/APSP or ANSI/APSP/ICC standards, as well as state and local statutes and codes.

Diving boards and slides require minimum depths and distances and
must only be installed and used in strict compliance with the equipment manufacturer’s specifications and ANSI/NSPI or ANSI/APSP or ANSI/APSP/ ICC standards. If the pool is labeled by us as NON-DIVING, then diving equipment may not be installed and any such equipment must be removed before the pool is used.

Smart pool owners always think safety first. They take specific steps to ensure that their family, friends and guests are knowledgeable about the safe and sensible use of their pool. They also:

  • ensure that their pool is never used unless there is adequate supervision;
  • ensure that their pool is kept in good repair and is not used when there is a missing or broken drain cover or other component;
  • ensure that ALL CHILDREN using their pool are supervised constantly;
  • that anyone under the influence of alcohol, drugs or stimulants that would impair their abilities or judgment does not use the pool;
  • ensure that their pool is protected by appropriate barriers to unsupervised entry including fencing with self latching gates, covers, alarms, etc.

To assist you, a number of very important items of safety literature are included with each pool and also available upon request. We must insist that you read each item carefully and follow its instructions.

These are:

  • Pool Owners Safety Handbook
  • APSP “Sensible Way” Book
  • Warranty
  • “Children Aren’t Waterproof” Book
  • “No Diving” Label
  • Warning Label
  • Use and Care Manual
  • Safety Sign Installation / Illustration Sheet
  • Signs and Labels

Make sure your builder supplies you with all of the safety information that accompanies your pool and installs the enclosed warning stickers and area sign where they can be clearly visible to all who use the pool. It’s also a good idea to contact your local American Red Cross for available CPR classes and other vital safety programs.

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